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Professional Development Centre - 120 Wellington Street Suite 302, London ON


construction 101 + Beyond

Monday June 8th, Tuesday June 9th 9 AM to 5 PM, London ON, $550.00 + HST

CONSTRUCTION 101 AND BEYOND is your comprehensive overview of the Canadian construction industry. Designed specifically for construction management professionals, this two-day course breaks down the complexity of the industry examining the important roles for various industry stakeholders. Over these two days, you will participate in hands-on activities and examine every step of the industry – from bidding to closeout.

Topics include:

  1. Introduction to construction industry
  2. Major steps in a construction project
  3. Risk management
  4. Bid documents
  5. Contract law
  6. Bidding
  7. Receiving bids and award of contract
  8. Format of contracts and contract clauses
  9. Project start up to close out

Whether you’ve been in the industry for 6 months or 5+ years, this course has something for you!

Location:  Constructionlab Professional Development Centre 

                       120 Wellington Street , Suite 302 London ON 

Number of Seats:  8

A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the second day and valid for 2 Gold Seal Credits.    This course also qualifies for OAA ConEd Practice Management Eligibility Criteria.


Prompt payment, mechanics of adjudication for certifiers

Coming in June 2020 to London ON. $225.00 +HST

This workshop explores the new Construction Act in Ontario and dives deep into the role and responsibilities of the payment certifier administering the project payments through payment certification process and schedule of values confirmation.  We will explore the use of Ontario Court Forms 1.1 to 1.5 and the process associated with the 28 day time clock, who and how the clock can be triggered in absence of the payment certificate and the impact downstream not having a certificate will have during the adjudication process. 

Hosted by Derek Smith and Marcel Mongeon, this workshop will be filled with boots on the ground realities when working through various scenarios that can trigger an adjudication, also what exposure may look like in the event the professional fails to issue a certificate in a timely manner. 

Learning Outcomes

- Identify potential delays in certifying the proper invoice

- Identify professional contract risks associated with delayed issuing of the certificate

- Study situations where a delay in issuance can result in an adjudication triggering

- Adjudication procedure and role of the payment certifier during the adjudication process

- Tips to avoiding adjudication procedures 

Location:  Constructionlab Professional Development Centre 

                      120 Wellington Street, London ON Suite 302

Number of Seats: 8

This workshop complies with OAA ConEd Practice Management and Risk Management Eligibility Criteria and Constructionlab  issues a certificate at the end of the session.





the canadian construction industry for HR PROFESSIONALS

Coming in June to London ON. $595.00 + HST

Take your knowledge to a whole new level.  Join Canada's leading facilitator of the Canadian Construction Associations' Construction 101 + Beyond, for this 1.5 day, 10 hour introduction to the Canadian Construction Industry specifically focused on the needs of HR professionals - ICI construction. 

You will receive a 100 page reference document for use filled with valuable information now and for the future, a slide deck filled with links to key resources you need to move around the industry with confidence, and much more. 

If you desire  to outperform your peers, you need this course.   Limited to 10 seats only, this intensive session is a must have for the modern recruitment professional. 

Location:  Constructionlab Professional Development Centre

                     120 Wellington Street, London ON Suite 302

Facilitator:  Derek Smith

Number of Seats: 8 

A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the session.   This session may qualify for CPD hours under the HRPA  program.   Please consult with your association. 



ethics in your construction business - in class portion

Coming in June to London ON. $275.00 +HST

This course developed by BuildForce Canada is the in-class portion  of the Ethics in Construction Gold Seal program.   Mandatory for any practitioners wishing to pursue Gold Seal Certification, or available to anyone who wishes to simply brush up on dealing with ethical dilemmas they face in day-to day business in construction.   This course requires on-line blended learning for complete Gold Seal credits.   To take the on-line portion in the comfort of your home or office, visit this link 

Learning outcomes include: 

Identifying ethical behaviours that cause risk to your business and reputation

Assessing and solving ethical dilemmas in the construction supply chain

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Ethics communications templates for your company engaged in construction in Canada

Location:  Constructionlab Professional Development Centre

                     120 Wellington Street,  London ON Suite 302

Number of Seats : 10

A certificate of completion recognized by the Gold Seal Program will be issued at the end of the session. 



Hiring an Architect, It is More Affordable than you think!

Coming in June to London ON. $ Free

Architects are expensive, right?   not necessarily so when contemplating your next project.    Using the framework of a standard architect/client agreement, we will walk through the pro's and con's of hiring this professional for your next design project - residential or commercial. 

This profession, often seen out of reach for many, is not as complex as you might think.   We will show you what to include in your scope of work, and what to leave up to the builder and why that matters. 

Learning outcomes include: 

Confidence in engaging a design professsional;  architect, interior designer, engineer

Pitfalls and promises of a contract 

Role of the professional in the construction process

Support offered during construction using

Expectations of performance from your professional

Location: Constructionlab Professional Development Centre

                    120 Wellington Street, London ON Suite 302

Number of Seats : 12 



residential drawings, structure and systems for Realtors

Monday June 15, 2020 9 AM to 3 PM London ON. $295.00 +HST

This one day session is designed for residential realtors.  Hone your skills when working with buyers to confidently assess the structural design for possibilities for renovation prior to the offer being made.   This course will look at home plans and working drawings to teach the attendee to be able to determine on visual inspection what walls are load bearing, where to find the main building systems and what they do.     A visual approach is used through slide deck to demonstrate how architects, contractors and engineers assess various aspects of a home for potential renovation.   Single family and town home design will be explored.   

Hosted by Derek Smith, a 25 year veteran of the design and construction industry, with over $10 million completed in residential projects throughout his career. 

Learning Outcomes 

- Visually identify walls that can be removed without structural reinforcement versus non-loadbearing

- Visually assess building systems including HVAC and electrical systems for age approximation

- materials used in finishing, differences in flooring and other materials durability and common terms used in the home building industry

Location:   Constructionlab Professional Development Centre 

                      120 Wellington Street London ON Suite 302

Number of Seats : 10