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Professional Development

Constructionlab's insightful and interactive in-class workshops provide learners the opportunity to upskill technical and soft skills necessary to work in the complex construction and design industries in Canada.   Our workshops are recognized as industry leading by the Canadian Construction Association and over a dozen local construction associations.

For owners and property managers, our workshops allow you to outperform your peers by reinforcing best practices throughout your team when buying construction and design services and administering your projects.   

For general contractors, we help increase your productivity through comprehensive soft skill development of your on-site and office team.  

For subcontractors, we help you work better with general contractors through better managing relationships and giving you the confidence you need in contract and performance.  

For architects,  we help you break down the complexities of the construction process.  Most of our workshops qualify for OAA ConEd points and Gold Seal.  

For interior designers involved in the Alternative Pathways, our workshops gain valuable learning and credit toward the Intern competency review process.    

Engineers have found our workshops particularly helpful for soft skill (negotiation, mediation, leadership, communication) development.

For lawyers, we take boots on the ground knowledge and marry that with the complexities written into contract or law, to assist you in understanding the organizational dynamics of the entire project team. 

Subject Matter Webinars for Organizations and Upskilling

After developing three on-line learning modules for the Toronto Construction Association in 2018, we have turned our focus heading into 2020 to the value of on-line webinars for establishing  minimum distance learning threshold and a gateway into blended learning when desiring distance learning as a solution for your organization or individuals.

Upskilling and Education Program Development

Using real world outcomes designed to support your stakeholder role in the ICI or residential construction or design project, we can develop an entire learning program to suit your needs.  Whether a private corporation, a construction association or a regulatory body, we can design and deploy a curriculum  that will elevate your employees or membership based on years of best practices, project administration knowledge, legal framework, productivity analysis, technical skill, and social or organizational human behaviour.  We will represent your interests when approaching certification bodies if that is a desired result for the program we develop together. 

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