Early Neutral Evaluation

Born from the process of Mediation

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is when disputing parties submit their case to a neutral evaluator through a confidential "evaluation session." The neutral evaluator considers each side's position and renders an evaluation of the case.  Contracting parties can include an ENE clause in the contract, which represents their agreement to submit to ENE in good faith to resolve any contractual disputes.

Cost Effective

The system has been created, and adjudication in Ontario will be expensive.  Whats more, the design of the system does not allow for hearings in most cases.   In other words a paper submission is your only chance to prove the merits of your position in dispute.    ENE offers a quick, but non-binding solution, meant to save the relationship. 

Two Weeks Versus 70 Days

Our knowledge is your edge.  We can swiftly determine your likelihood of success in an adjudication procedure in construction based on decades of real world ICI and residential contract administration.   Our recommendation to each party issued within a week, not 70 days later.  Our goal, the best possible outcome for each party to the dispute. 

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