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Constructionlab delivers 6 Gold Seal Courses throughout Canada.   We also manage a couple of local associations

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We support businesses nationwide engaged in ICI  and Residential construction and design best practices

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Constructionlab draws on over $300 million in past projects to help you build your commercial project  while protecting your interests

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3250 Workshop Participants 185 Workshops - 6 Gold Seal Courses

What people say about our workshops...

 Derek is an outstanding course author and facilitator. He creates a learning environment where students not only gain from his vast personal knowledge and experience, but also through specifically structured simulations that provoke high level reflection and critical thinking skills for course participants. Having now hired Derek to deliver 5 different construction industry courses, I cannot recommend him enough. 

Adam Pinder

Executive Director 

Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association

“Just a quick note to say that some of my staff, including my manager of Construction, attended the OCA’s Construction 101 training on November 21st and 22nd. I had an opportunity to get their feedback and the course was described as nothing short of amazing. They had a lot of positive comments on the material and the instructor. In fact, I have received nothing but positive feedback ......”


Alain Dorion

Directeur principal/Senior Director

Real Property Contracting Directorate

Public Services and Procurement Canada

E-Learning Solutions To Support Your Association

Constructionlab has spent years developing content that can be beneficial for your member's professional development needs.  Using a trusted LMS, we can build your e-learning program from the ground up. 

Independent Consulting

Our industry consulting dates back to 2008.   Engaged by local, and national construction industry employer associations and corporations nationwide, we have developed practical and deployable solutions for a decade that will solve problems in your construction business

Course Design


Constructionlab courses are designed to suit a wide array of participants.   We tailor our course curriculum, daily lesson plans and learning outcomes to maximize each participants experience. 



Subject matter expertise and dynamic  facilitation is our hallmark.  Constructionlab facilitators consistently score over 90% in student satisfaction surveys.  We achieve this because we are practicing professionals and we are committed to experiential learning



Constructionlab is built on a model of industry partnership.   At the local, provincial and national level, we are trusted partners in delivering timely and relevant professional development.  We aim to set the PD standard in Canada.

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Head Office

65 Grand Avenue, London, Ontario N6C 1L6, Canada

Course Design

Constructionlab's approach to course design is based on three pillars:


Learning Participation

Stakeholder Diversity

Learning Outcomes 

Our attendee and participant reviews are clear. It is our highly skilled, practical knowledge and deep understanding of the day-to day challenges the construction industry supply chain experiences that sets us apart from any other trainer in Canada.    

Our industry research capabilities and teaching format are virtually unmatched. 


Our Why is very clear!

When a participant approaches a facilitator at the end of a session, extends their hand, and says "thank you for teaching me about things I see everyday, but never really understood".  That is why we do what we do.

It is that simple.


Our delivery model for exceptional and repeat course facilitation relies on a strong network of partnerships.    Working at ground level means exactly that.    Local mixed trade and specialty trade employer associations form the backbone of a comprehensive professional development system.    Constructionlab recognizes the importance of this relationship with the employer members that support them.  

It is crucial that we work together. 

Our Research Partners